AMH is a beef powerhouse – customers rely on its integrity and consistency.

An icon of the industry, AMH is a staple in restaurants, retailers and food service destinations around the world.

The diversity and reliability of this proud Australian beef brand see it featured on menus in many countries – Curries, Korean BBQ, Shabu Shabu, American Ribs, Bulgogi, Yakiniku or a gourmet burger – there is an AMH cut to suit your needs.

The entire team behind AMH are committed to continuing to uphold its values, now and into the future

about AMH

AMH is an icon – Australia’s oldest and most respected brand, renowned for consistently delivering customers a quality product on time, every time.

Predominantly grass fed, AMH is produced from Australia’s quality growing regions across Eastern Australia.

The AMH brand is a stamp of authority on Australian beef – it stands for integrity, consistency, reliability… it stands for quality.

a proud history

When Australia Meat Holdings was acquired by JBS Australia in 2007, one thing was certain, the AMH brand would live on.

The AMH brand was strongly regarded by local and international customers and this reputation is strongly upheld today.

Some of our staff have worked with the brand since its inception in 1986 – having this level of passion and experience across all areas of production, ensures ongoing success for our partners.

The AMH brand is a stamp of trust – quality products will be delivered on time, every time.

famous for quality

The robust AMH beef program continues to grow in strength and size. Drawing from the vast growing regions across eastern Australia, our experienced livestock team select the best cattle available for our programs

A brand doesn’t stand such an extensive test of time, without some major strengths:

From our producers to the butchers shop or dinner table, integrity is at the fore of AMH.
Industry leading practice continues to drive the exceptional reputation of this brand, achieved by maintaining the highest standards of animal welfare, processing, packaging and delivery.

Shelf Life
The perfected processing, packaging and delivery systems provide an extended shelf life for AMH beef – our customers report unrivalled shelf life in many countries, surpassing their own locally produced product.

You can rely on AMH – it has been a badge of honour on quality beef to customers since 1986.

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